The Plan

    We're developing a new musical and instead of following the traditional route, we are doing it in an open way, sharing the process with our backers and followers so that you are involved from the very start. Follow us and see behind the scenes as we develop the production of the musical numbers and promo cast album, through planning sessions, rehearsals, workshops and studio recordings.
    We are aiming high but the major first stage for us is to develop and produce a promo cast recording, in the same way that West End musicals such as Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar started, before transferring to theatre productions.
    In the spirit of collaboration we are crowdfunding the development, allowing forward-thinking, musical-loving backers the chance to see something awesome grow from the very start, all because of their generous support and encouragement.
    Join us on our journey! Be a part of #TeamSerendipity

The Plot

    Set in London, the musical starts just as the bell strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve. In the big opening number, we get to see all the characters sharing their dreams and hopes for the future. They think they know what they want and who they'll be but events begin to unfold which will send ripples through the lives of all our characters. The musical charts a year in the life of our eight principle characters, and how serendipitous moments can bring about unexpected and far reaching consequences.
    With love, laughter and tragedy, the story is inspired by the real, and often hilariously complicated, love lives of people known to the writers. Follow our main character Sophie as she twists and turns her way through a tangled web of lies, heartbreak and deceit, and watch as she struggles to find her place in the world and the happily ever after she’s been dreaming of.
    Join us to find out out if good things really do happen to those who wait. Sign up for regular updates as we gradually reveal the story, the characters, and the songs. Don't miss it, we absolutely love the story and we know that you will too!

The Video

Crowdfunding: We need your help!

    Developing a musical is a wonderful and exciting thing, but it is also a time consuming and expensive business. We sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can give to this project and so we have set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to offer fans and donors a range of exclusive merchandise and experiences that will help us to make this project happen.
    The more we raise, the more opportunities are available to take the project to a higher level, taking the musical to a worldwide audience and also help produce the best promo Cast Album for you all. We will always look after you for believing in and supporting our work. You are amazing people and without you, good things will not easily happen to those who wait!
    Please take a look at our GoFundMe campaign and consider helping us if you are able. We have a massive range of really exciting rewards for backers, from stickers, to albums, sheet music, signed photos and exclusive content.

    Or, alternatively, you can back us directly via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card:

The Creative Team
    Serendipity is being developed by our creative team of Samantha Joy and Chris Lawry. Between them they have a huge amount of experience in, and a deep fascination and love for, musical theatre, performance and direction.
    They have worked together on many creative projects, crossing diverse genres, including several large scale musicals-inspired projects that have recently helped to  raise many thousands of pounds to benefit, and raise awareness of, various inspiring charities.
    Both Chris and Sam have a lifelong affinty with musical theatre, and both started their careers in the genre, as performers and directors.
    Chris is internationally known as a composer, arranger and orchestrator, as well as a skilled accompanist, and musical director. Sam is a talented and inspiring lyricist, as well as a teacher, musical director, and classically trained mezzo soprano.
    Between them, our creative team have an unrivalled passion and commitment to musical theatre and to this project. This. Is. Going. To. Be. AWESOME!   (Watch the video above - it'll make more sense!)